Limited Edition 2017

Whisky Live Warsaw 2017

This year’s festival whisky will be kept a secret till the last moment. We would like to invite you to Whisky Live Warsaw 2017, where we will present a unique, limited edition prepared especially for the festival.

Limited Edition 2016

Teeling Single Cask Madeira

Among a hundred performers, she is one of a kind.
It appears only here – at the festival stage in Warsaw.
Each year, we bottle a unique whisky for this event, a different one every year.
During the 3rd edition we showcased the Irish Teeling Single Cask Madeira.
Only 306 bottles were made.

Since 2004 it matured in a madeira cask and that is where she acquired the wine aromas and the strong character. Bottled at cask strength, non chill-filtered.

Limited Edition 2015

Glenfarclas 15 Years Old

One of a kind Glenfarclas 15YO edition bottled especially for Whisky Live Warsaw 2015.
A very limited quantity of bottles.

A 15 year old whisky maturing in sherry casks that was awarded 95 points from Jim Murray. It exhibits a mighty sherry aroma with a hint of mint. Apart from sherry, notes of raisins, orange peel and walnuts appear on the palate. The finish is exceptionally long, complicated. Adding water releases a magnitude of sweetness.

Limited Edition 2015

Kavalan Selection Peaty Cask

An exquisite special edition of Taiwanese Kavalan whisky, gaining more and more popularity. Bottled especially for Whisky Live Warsaw 2015.

Kavalan Selection Peaty Cask is a very limited series bottled at cask strength (54%), non chill-filtered, with a natural colour owing to maturation in a cask in which peated whisky matured earlier – thus the smoky accents.

Limited Edition 2014

The Speakeasy Blended Malt

A speciality item for collectors and fans of Islay whisky, as The Speakeasy is a Blended Malt, including malt distillates from such distilleries as: Ardbeg, Bowmore and Caol Ila.

Colour: Light gold
Aroma: Balanced. Alcohol is soft on the nose. Peated, yet sweet. Vanilla, liquorice, sherry in the background. Raisins, dried dates, warm asphalt sprinkled with rain, salty notes with mint in the background.
Flavour: Oily and sweet on the tongue and palate. Smoke, peat, hot spices and dried winter fruits. Hints of citrus with a juniper note in the background.
Medium long finish – dried fruit, smoke and sweetness.



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