Whisky Live Warsaw 2020



Whisky Live Warsaw 2019

It took place on October 18-19, the 6th edition was record-breaking in terms of the number of exhibitors and festival guests


Show Rum Warsaw 2019

we organize the premiere edition of the Show Rum Warsaw festival


Whisky Live Warsaw 2018

Whiskey Live Warsaw is moving into Centrum Praskie Koneser, the final location for the festival


Whisky Live Warsaw 2017

Premiere of Warsaw Whiskies Awards – competition for the best Festival Whiskey and Audience Ranking during Whiskey Live Warsaw 2017


Whisky Live Sopot 2017

Organization of the first and only so far local edition of the festival – Whiskey Live Sopot


Whisky Live Wasraw 2016

Tim Smith as a special guest of the festival, during which one of the episodes of the program “Moonshiners” was filmed on the Discovery Channel


Whisky Live Warsaw 2015

Establishing cooperation with Paragraph Publishing, the festival joins the group of host cities of the Whiskey Live project, adopting the name “Whiskey Live Warsaw”


Warsaw Whisky Fest 2014

Organization of the first edition of the festival called “Warsaw Whiskey Fest”



In 1997 Paragraph Publishing was born, the international business medium specializing in all kinds of liquors and travel. The core of its activities was book and magazine publishing, creating web pages, organizing tastings accompanied by award ceremonies all over the globe.

A year later, in 1998, the first themed magazine, entirely devoted to whisky – Whisky Magazine – was published. It is now printed in 5 languages. The Whisky Live Festival is an original project of Paragraph Publishing. The event premiered in February 2000 in Tokyo. The same year another festival took place in London. In the following years Whisky Live appeared in more cities, such as Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and Paris Currently, every year the festival is held in 32 cities on all continents.

In 2014 Warsaw joined in as one of the host cities. Tudor House, Ltd, a premium segment liquor importer and distributor organizes the festival in Warsaw. During the first two editions it hosted 50 exhibitors from all over the globe, including exotic countries such as Taiwan, India, Finland, Iceland or Japan. The sixth edition of Whisky Live Warsaw was a major success.
We hosted 70 exhibitors from 17 countries. The turnout reached a record of almost 4000 guests during two days of festival.


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