— rum, cachaca, tequila and ex-rum barrel festival


May 11, 2019, Saturday
12.00 — 24.00
Praga Koneser Center
Koneser Square, 03—736 Warsaw


Praga Center Koneser where the Warsaw Vodka Factory was active and now the Museum of Polish Vodka is situated The place is perfectly communicated, just 5 minutes walk from the Dworzec Wilenski metro station and a 10-minute drive from the city center. The accompanying attractions will also take place in the courtyard.





Parking płatny na poziomie -1 (4 PLN/h)
(wjazd od ul. Białostockiej)



przyst. Markowska

138 / 170 / 338 / N16 / N66

przyst. Ząbkowska (ok. 250m od Muzeum)

120 / 135 / 138 / 140 / 162 / 166 / 169 / 170 / 338 / 738 / N02 / N03 / N14 / N16 / N21 / N64 / N 66 / N71


przyst. Ząbkowska (ok. 600m od Muzeum)

3 / 6 / 13 / 25 / 26 / 28


Stacja Dworzec Wileński (ok. 850m od Muzeum)

about the festival


Show Rum Warsaw is a response to the growing interest in rum and other exotic spirits (including tequila, cachaca) both in Poland and in the world, supported by a large demand for events that allow tasting of these drinks. The festival offers the opportunity to try various types of rum, whiskey with rum accent and tequila, as well as contact and exchange views with the producers. It is also a chance to establish new business relationships. Show Rum Warsaw is a place where experts, journalists, bloggers, bartenders, restaurateurs, merchants from shopping chains and all fans of rum and other strong (exotic) spirits meet.


Warsaw is a dynamic city known for its abundance of culture, vibrant nightlife and, of course, vodka. So it’s rather convenient Moxy Warsaw Praga is housed in a vitalized complex called Koneser, which used to be a 19th century vodka distillery. This heritage is apparent the moment you walk in, as the lobby is dedicated to Poland’s most famous drink, with a huge fireplace made out of glass bottles, a secret door from an old Warsaw nightclub, and a mural dedicated to the distillery process. The Polish Vodka Museum is even right next door.

But Warsaw has even more to offer, so leave your shot glass at the bar and start exploring.The hotel is right in the centre of trendy Praga district, stuffed to the brim with low key speak cafes, artisanal shops, cutting edge art galleries, lively restaurants, 24/7 watering holes (including the one at the Moxy) and banging clubs such as Sklad Butelek and Hydrozagadka. Should you be less of an nocturnal animal, hot spots such as the Zoo, the Warsaw Vistula boulevards and the Old Town (listed as a Unesco heritage site) are only a 10 minute stroll away. Back #atthemoxy rest assured that the fearless and super friendly crew will cater to all your needs. Na zdrowie!



rum and other spirits tasting / masterclass sessions / rum-based cocktails serving / accompanying events on the main stage / relaxation zone / festival’s shop — promotional prices, reduced by 23% / dram station

special guests


Leszek Wędzicha

For over 20 years passionate and promoter of cachaça – the national drink of Brazil, distilled alcoholic beverage produced from fermented sugar cane juice. Co-owner of House of Cachaça Ltd.. He cooperates with many cachaca producers where he is responsible for promoting and supporting the distribution of their products in Europe. Organizer of Cachaça Festival UK – a cachaca festival in Great Britain (two editions: Manchester and London). Participant of many festivals and events related to the promotion of luxury spirits.


Lars Code

For three years he has been holding the position of brand ambassador of the legendary Danish brand A.H. Riise. For thirty years associated with the alcohol industry. He constantly talks about exceptional drinks – as leading Masterclass sessions, tastings or normal talks. When he is not on stage, he organizes trips around the world for those who seek inspiration and good spirits. His motto is: “We will not hurt others if we learn something new, but above all it is about good glass and laughter.” He is willing to share his knowledge in the field of liquors and their tastings. During the Show Rum Warsaw he will lead the Masterclass session “A.H. Riise – time travel”

bilety wstępu

one-day ticket

99 pln

group ticket

— over 10 peaople 10% DISCOUNT

99 pln

masterclass ticket

— Unknown world of cachaca

date: 11/05/2019 at 13.00
moderator: Leszek Wędzicha
number of seats: 25
in tasting: Cachaca Anunciada / Companheira (Extra Premium) / House Bre (Extra Premium) / Pardin 3 Madeiras / Sapukaia XO / Weber Haus (Extra Premium 6 anos)
description: Cachaca is a distilled alcoholic drink produced in Brazil, made of fermented cane juice, similar in taste to rum or tequila, but more dry and tart, with a slightly fruity aftertaste. Soon, participants of the masterclass session will learn about the diverse range of flavors and aromas of this drink. “Unknown world of cachaca”. During the tasting workshop 6 cachaca species will tasted . Each of them has aged and finished in other barrels, has a different age and comes from various Brazilian distilleries. Among the tasted spirits will be liquor with the title of the third best Brazilian cachaca in 2018. The session will be hosted by Leszek Wędzicha – for over 20 years enthusiast and cachaca promoter. Co-owner of House of Cachaça Ltd. and Organizer of Cachaça Festival UK – a cachaca festival in Great Britain.

100 pln

masterclass ticket

— A.H. Riise — time travel

date: 11/05/2019 at 15.00
moderator: Lars Code – Brand Ambassador of A.H. Riise
number of seats: 25
in tasting: A.H.Riise Platinum Rum / A.H.Riise Centennial Celebration / A.H.Riise Famile Reserve Solera / A.H.Riise Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask / A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Black Edition
description: In 1838, the Danish government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as sole pharmacist of the islands under the protectorate of Denmark, while granting him a monopoly on the production of alcohol. The rich flora encountered in the Caribbean, enabled him to experiment with various recipes, used both in pharmacy and the production of rum or tinctures. Rums were Initially used as an antidote to various ailments but quickly gained the popularity of a unique drink, and the crowning of their quality was a medal awarded in 1893 in Chicago.

100 pln

masterclass ticket

— Wolf & Oak — master class Polish distillery

date: 11/05/2019 at 17.00
moderator: Michał Płucisz – Owner of distillery
number of seats: 25
in tasting: Wolf White Rum 100% z afrykańskiej melasy z trzciny / Wolf Rum french oak cask / Wolf Rum ex. black Currant finish / Single Rye Whiskey Ex. Rum / Single Rye Malt Whiskey Sparrow No. 2
description: Tickets can be purchased by email at Wolf & Oak Distillery:

130 pln


Wolf & Oak Distillery
Horeca Radio
Horeca Business Club

Renata Wdowiarska
Event Space Manager
+48 693 706 107

Michał Hasik
PR Manager
+48 535 999 689

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