Ingvar Ronde

Ingvar Ronde is the author and publisher of Malt Whisky Yearbook. He first published it in 2006. The yearly magazine publication quickly became a point impossible to overlook in calendars of whisky enthusiasts around the globe.  Malt Whisky Yearbook is the most authoritative whisky themed publication. It quickly gained the name of the broadest and most impartial source of information on the world whisky. It includes profiles of all liquors, from Scotland and around the globe, as well as related articles authored by Ingvar and other valued publicists.

Ingvar Rhonde lives in Malmo, in Southern Sweden. Despite having an economic education, he never worked in the field, yet it surely helped in developing his career. He owns a chain of stores selling gardening equipment and has been writing and publishing for over 20 years, as if that were not enough, he also hosts a radio show on 1920s’ and 1930s’ dance music.

George S. Grant

George Grant, son of John, is the sixth heir of the Grant family that has been running Glenfarclas distillery. He is also the company’s Sales Director. He joined the family business with experience gained working for a Scottish liquor distribution company, which also exported Glenfarclas to Hong Kong. George is a true connoisseur who genuinely loves sharing his knowledge of whisky.   His greatest delight is presenting older Glenfarclas expressions, produced by his father and grandfather.

The distillery is not large a one and for this reason Glenfarclas it is not found in every supermarket. Yet despite that, he was noticed, and thanks to commitment in maintaining quality and keeping to tradition within the whisky market, was honoured with the title ‘Distiller of the Year’ for “being consistently good and staying true to it’s core values” by Whisky Magazine.

Ian McWilliam

As most employees of Glenfarclas distillery, Ian spent most of his life working in all possible areas. He began his journey in 1991 – helping with production. He was then promoted to Assistant Manager and held the position for three years. Currently, as the company’s Marketing Executive he tours the world spreading the good news about Glenfarclas whisky. Ian must truly love his job as he cannot part with it. He lives in the distillery building.

Currently, as the company’s Marketing Executive he tours the world spreading the good news about Glenfarclas whisky. Ian must truly love his job as he cannot part with it. He lives in the distillery building.

GLENFARCLAS DISTILLERY — The distillery was founded in 1836, for six generations – since 1865 – it has been owned by the Grant family. It is the only distillery in Scotland that continues using direct flame to heat pot stills, other distilleries turned to indirect heating using coils filled with hot steam.

Dominic Roskrow

Acclaimed author of whisky themed books who worked as a journalist for over 20 years.

He is the publisher of Whiskeria, the world’s most popular whisky magazine. He regularly writes for Whisky Magazine, which he published for 4 years, as well as Drinks International and Malt Advocate. Lately he has been writing for Rupert Murdoch’s new platform — The Daily.

Author of many books, such as: „1001 whiskies you must try before you die”, „The World’s Best Whiskies — 750 Unmissable Drams from Tain to Tokyo (2010)”, „Collins Gems: Whisky (2009)”. Dominic visited most distilleries in Scotland, Ireland and America. He travels to distilleries all over the globe in search of new drams. In 2007, he received the highest honour awarded to those that have shown outstanding commitment to the Scotch Whisky “Keeper of the Quaich”, and in 2010 he was granted the title of „Kentucky Colonel”.

Ian Chang

Ian Chang is the master blender at Kavalan distillery in Taiwan. Kavalan is a relatively new brand gaining large numbers of enthusiasts. He began working at Kavalan distillery about 10 years ago, right after graduating from Food Sciences at a university in London. As he himself admits, this faculty became very helpful in the liquor business and the chemistry of taste.

Ian says that he works ten hours a day. His day begins with paper work and answering emails. Tasting samples is between 10 am and 4 pm Aromas become most intense during those hours. After 5 pm Ian reads and analyzes test results. Working in the lab is also part of his daily routine. Since Kavalan began exporting around 3 years ago, Ian travels much all over the globe. As he puts it, being a Master Blender is his dream job.

Kellie Du

Kavalan Brand Ambassador She has been working for King Car Group as brand ambassador for over a year, touring the world and holding training and tasting sessions about the Taiwan whisky. She has been working for the whisky business for 6 years. Earlier she was involved in import and export of the golden liquor. Earlier she was involved in import and export of the golden liquor.

KAVALAN WHISKY — the first and only single malt whisky from Taiwan. Winner of numerous awards at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards festival and World Spirits Challenge. Highest quality whisky matured mainly in sherry casks. Due to the hot climate in Taiwan it matures rapidly, reaching its full delicate fruity aromas within a few years. The name of the distillery refers to the first tribe that settled in Taiwan. The society was traditionally considered honest, sincere and relentless in their daily struggles with reality.

Jan Beckers

He began his whisky adventure as a guide at Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown in 1998. He himself says that beginning a career with whisky was a professional milestone for him. This trade is not easy and many of his colleagues left their jobs. He says that the biggest honour he was granted in his life is being a brand ambassador and that he personally chooses the whisky he presents.

From the first bottled barrel Jan and his colleague, Fred, grade the bottling, writing taste notes on the bottle. He is happy that he can be a part of the creation process and not just talk about whisky. Whisky plays the lead role in his life. He takes it wherever he travels His fascination developed quickly and transformed into a dream job. He sees himself working in the same company five years from now. We wants to be a part of his “family’s” growth.

Charles Maclean

Founder of Whisky Magazine and since 1995 co-author of the Malt Whisky Society Newsletter. He is currently considered the world’s authority on Scotch whisky. He regularly writes for magazines in Russia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, USA and Canada. He also is a consultant for the distillery industry. He collaborates with Whisky Magazine and Stilnovisti in Poland.

Before he began writing, his occupational activities included herding and he also played in a rock’n’roll band.
He debuted with “Island On The Edge Of The World”, published in 1972, an authentic story of inhabitants of a small island, who lived apart from civilization for over 2 thousand years. Money, disease and depravity reached the island with arrival of missionaries and tourists,  This lead to the collapse of local society and as a consequence, the island was ultimately deserted in 1930. He received the Scottish Arts Council New Writer Award”[1]” for this novel. In the 1970’s he devoted two years to researching the true story of two girls living among wolves in the Bengal jungle. A book titled “The Wolf Children” was the fruit of this research.

Tim Smith

He began distilling his Moonshine in spartan conditions in the middle of a forest. With his determination and certainty of the quality of his product he created the Climax Moonshine brand.
Star of the Moonshiner series broadcast on Discovery Channel.

Think the days of bootleggers and backwoods stills are over? It is a multi-million dollar and completely illegal industry in the USA. The Moonshiners series takes a peek at how the Moonshiners deal with their forest businesses. They make “moonshine” using smart camouflage techniques and are on friendly terms with local authorities.

Ashok Chokalingam

Manager Sales & Marketing at Amrut distillery in India. He has extensive experience on the international market from Europe to Africa and Asia. He has been holding his current position for 13 years and is the key person in charge of sales and marketing at the global level. He celebrates success in distribution in 42 countries. He is considered an innovator in the marketing world of whisky.

Amrut Distillery — began operating in 1948. Barley is harvested in the North of the country, water is drawn from Himalayan springs and production takes place in the South, in the city of Bangalore.  Due to extreme temperatures, the angel’s share in this region is almost 15% per year, which makes the liquor maturate much faster.


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