This is why, in 2014, we organized a whisky festival in Warsaw. How many times did you catch yourself wondering how great it would be if you could get to know the flavour of a whisky that you want to buy? That is the exact reason that the festival came into being! At a single time and place you will meet a few hundred varieties of whisky from almost the entire globe and, what is more important, you will have a chance to taste all of them. You can find out more about tastings by clicking the “At the festival” link.


You want to know more about whisky but don't know where to find the information?

Manufacturers of whisky will be ready to answer all your questions at every single stand. This festival is a unique opportunity to meet and talk to ambassadors, master blenders and representatives of brands presented during the event.

That's great, but what is it all about?

Our idea is to introduce you to the world of whisky. Each one is different, beautiful and complex. Every single one of you will surely find your type and something that suits you, but first, you must get to know them. During the festival, you will learn the history of individual brands, their distillation methods, origins and types. We will also enhance our festival by combining flavours and aromas with diverse meals, sweets, and coffee.

How long is the festival?

The festival lasts for two unforgettable days each year.

Do I have to pay to enter the festival?

Yes. Tickets will be available online and at distribution points across Poland. Ticket prices will increase as the event date approaches. We advise you to purchase tickets online to avoid queues during the festival.

I bought a ticket. What's next?

The purchased ticket will be sent to the email address you provided. Make sure to print the document and take it to the event with your ID. After arriving at the event (at the reception, which controls entry to the festival grounds) you will exchange your ticket for a festival bracelet and you will also receive a tasting glass. The bracelet entitles you to free tastings of dozens of selected editions available at the stands.

What is included in the ticket?

Each ticket allows its holder to taste whisky at all stands within the festival grounds. The ticket price also includes a tasting glass. There will also be paid drams of well-aged or special edition whiskies. The ticket does not include entry to Masterclass sessions, Food Pairing sessions and the VIP area.



Czy degustacja jest dodatkowo płatna?

Ideą festiwalu jest prezentacja szerokiego wachlarza różnych gatunków whisky w otwartej degustacji. Oznacza to, że podczas zakupu biletu wstępu na Whisky Live Warsaw goście są upoważnieni do bezpłatnej degustacji kilkuset whisky dostępnych na naszych stoiskach. Wystawca poinformuje Cię, które wersje trunków są przeznaczone do bezpłatnej degustacji.

Każdy uczestnik z ważnym biletem otrzyma bezpłatny kieliszek do degustacji przy wejściu na wydarzenie.

Poza dostępną w cenie biletu degustacją otwartą, cześć trunków oferujemy za dodatkową opłatą. Opłaty na stoiskach dokonujemy poprzez vouchery. Szukajcie specjalnych oznaczeń z cenami na butelkach. Pojemność płatnych shotów to 25 ml.

What kind of liquors can I try during the festival?

Whisky Live Warsaw boasts with the widest selection of presented liquors. We search for exhibitors in all parts of the globe with the hope of finding interesting recommendations for our guests. So far, apart from Scotland and Ireland, we hosted whisky from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, India, USA and Australia. During the festival the “water of life” was also joined by leaders in other categories: Joseph Perrier champagne, Roberto Cavalli and Ostoya vodkas, Chabasse and Maison Rene Laclie cognacs, Botucal and Dictador rums, Chabasse armagnac, as well as Ole Smoky and Climax by Tim Smith moonshines.

I found the whisky I was looking for, where can I buy it?

Almost all editions presented by the exhibitors and available at the festival store. Additionally all whiskies at the festival store are sold at a 23% discount. You decide when to make a purchase. The discount is valid only during the festival.

Do I need to bring my ID to the festival?

It is important that you take you ID to the festival due to the event’s character. 😉

What if I don't have an ID? Can minors enter the festival grounds?

If you are a minor, visit us with a guardian. It is best to confess right away. We will sign a statement that will sort all.

What about parking spaces?

Festival guests will be able to use parking spaces located close to the hotel at a special price. However, we advise leaving the car at home.

Can I take photos during the festival?

We encourage you to take photos. A photo contest will be held after the festival. Winner of the contest will have a chance to win a unique series of the festival whisky.

Can I bring food and beverages to the festival?

Of course, however we will provide special spots where you will be able to purchase sandwiches, cakes and coffee. Additionally, the festival restaurant prepared a special lunch menu for the festival. We invite you to join food pairing sessions that will offer not only great meals but also a chance to see how they were prepared.

Where can I find the programme of the festival?

Each of our guests receives a catalogue where this is outlined, and more…

Is there something that will make touring the festival stands easier?

This is the “more” in the catalogue. All stands will be marked on a map included in the catalogue.

I want to talk to a foreign exhibitor, but I don't know English...

Translators will be available to assist you.