Whisky world celebrities

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Ingvar Ronde

Ingvar Ronde is the author and publisher of Malt Whisky Yearbook. He first published it in 2006. The yearly magazine publication quickly became a point impossible to overlook in calendars of whisky enthusiasts around the globe.  Malt Whisky Yearbook is the most authoritative whisky themed publication. It quickly gained the name of the broadest and most impartial source of information on the world whisky. It includes profiles of all liquors, from Scotland and around the globe, as well as related articles authored by Ingvar and other valued publicists.

Georgie Bell


Jan Beckers

He began his whisky adventure as a guide at Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown in 1998. He himself says that beginning a career with whisky was a professional milestone for him. This trade is not easy and many of his colleagues left their jobs. He says that the biggest honour he was granted in his life is being a brand ambassador and that he personally chooses the whisky he presents.

Charles MacLean

Founder of Whisky Magazine and since 1995 co-author of the Malt Whisky Society Newsletter. He is currently considered the world’s authority on Scotch whisky. He regularly writes for magazines in Russia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, USA and Canada. He also is a consultant for the distillery industry. He collaborates with Whisky Magazine and Stilnovisti in Poland.

MIkkey Dee


Tim Smith

He began distilling his Moonshine in spartan conditions in the middle of a forest. With his determination and certainty of the quality of his product he created the Climax Moonshine brand.
Star of the Moonshiner series broadcast on Discovery Channel.

Kellie Du

Kavalan Brand Ambassador She has been working for King Car Group as brand ambassador for over a year, touring the world and holding training and tasting sessions about the Taiwan whisky. She has been working for the whisky business for 6 years. Earlier she was involved in import and export of the golden liquor. Earlier she was involved in import and export of the golden liquor.