Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

Whisky Live Warsaw

  1.  (General Provisions)
    By using the user accepts the below provisions related to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the below provisions, you are asked not to use the portal. reserves right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy. Every client of or subscriber of publications owned by is bound by the current Privacy Policy available on the portal. Any and all changes introduced do not impact the guiding principle that does not sell nor make availalbe to third persons any personal data or address data of clients of its portals and publications
  2.  (Personal Data)
    During use of you may be asked to provide certain personal data via a prompt to fill in a form or in a different manner. We require only such data as is required
    to realize orders for goods and services or to realize subscriptions to publications. Failure to provide the required data will make it impossible for the user to order goods or publications
  3. (Subscription to Free Publications)
    Becoming a subscriber to electronic and free publications owned by requires providing, in a proper field of an appropriate form, your name and email address. These fields are mandatory. Acquired data is added to the mailing list. The email address is necessary to enable sending of publications to a given user. The name enables us to address the user personally
  4. (Ordering of Products)
    When ordering products offered by the user is required to provide, via a proper form, more complete address information. Required fields are marked by an asterisk (*).
  5. (Unannounced Messages)
    Whisky Live Warsaw reserves right to send unannounced messages to persons, whose contact data it holds and who agreed to abide by the Privacy Policy. The unannounced messages are understood by as information:
    directly related to its portals, publications, services and goods (e.g. changes, external promotion), non-commercial letters (e.g. wishes, personal comments, etc.) and commercial information that have been paid by the clients of Commercial information is, as far as possible, filtered, its size is minimized and are sent seldom.
  6. (Cookies)
    Certain areas of the portal may use the so-called cookie files, i.e. small text files sent to the portal user’s computer that are necessary to identify the said user in order to facilitate a given operation. Cookies are harmless for the computer, its user and its data. The Cookies are effective as long as the target browser accepts cookies and they are not deleted from the hard drive. In case of questions please contact us at:
  7.  (Website monitoring)
    Internet traffic on the portal is monitored by recognized applications. We have information on the area of the portal where a given user is but we have no insight into his or her private data.